Enhancing Pastoralist Research and Development Alternatives (EPaRDA

Enhancing Pastoralist Research and Development Alternatives (EPaRDA) is an Ethiopian NGO; which is a pioneer organization to initiate and implement multi-sector development projects in predominantly pastoral and agro pastoral communities. For more than two decades, EPaRDA has been working to address the development needs through designing and implementing more than 40 projects that are of high priority – such as strengthening household livelihoods, improving water availability, improving access and utilization of health services and education, capacity building and skills transfer, natural resource management, emergency/humanitarian support, gender mainstreaming and women empowerment, inclusion of Persons With Disabilities and HIV/AIDS.

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  • Demonstrate integrity, commitment, transparency and accountability

  • Respect community norms and culture

  • Maintain good working relationship with the stakeholders through participation, co-operation, collaboration, teamwork and open and regular communication

  • Respect for national and international laws and rules

  • Participatory team work


  • To conduct action-oriented research to facilitate development efforts;

  • To advocate for Ethiopian pastoralists and agro pastoralists development problems and opportunities in a bid to influence national and regional policies

  • To support education and awareness creation programs to enable pastoralists and agro pastoralists to improve their livelihoods;

  • To broaden the scope of the community participation in project planning, monitoring and evaluation;

  • To work closely with the communities at grassroots level and capitalize on their indigenous knowledge;

  • To empower women and enhance gender equity;

  • Engage in pastoral area development works and contribute.